Oh ye brave reader, welcome abode. This is a place to share some of my (usually) messed up thoughts. In here, you can expect possibly incoherent and definitely presumptuous notes on bragworthy topics intended at increasing the nerd brand value. You should be prepared to be lectured on people, politics, physics, philosophy, mathematics and history, as well as passing thoughts on how they connect with the larger scheme of things. And if you have an above average IQ, by this time you should have realized that I have used several cool sounding clichés in an attempt to convince you about my awesomeness. Now this shall continue unashamedly and unabated. To be honest, even more often you should expect that which is supposedly more pervasive in human thoughts than the amount of black matter in the universe- pure bullshit! Now that I have declared my intentions in no uncertain terms, here is your statutory warning!

— ‘Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’,  as well as, my motto

Even if my initial declaration sounds ambitious, this blog is highly likely to fail or be defunct in a matter of months. If this succeeds, I will assume that the one whom you are in the habit of defining by means of the perpendicular pronoun, is a genius, whatever you think about him. I hope this clears any doubt you might have had regarding my humility of all things. If you can bear all these drudgeries and more, take a risk. But let me remind one thing- you have been warned!

If you must, you can call me apd, for that is the coolest short name I could come up with. I live somewhere in the Eastern coast of the Southern part of this formidably large and unintentionally over populated nation state called India.  Like this notebook, we in general are people whose lives are messed up by our own history and habits, among other things. Also contradictions are genetically inherited in this part of the world. All of which you shall see as you venture to read through the pages of this messy notebook.

Finally, a word of appreciation for you, my brave reader.  Your courage is indeed remarkable.  Let me wish you good luck, for you should consider signing up for Mars expedition.